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Project BOSS

At an EU level there is no agreed mechanism for comparing the social benefits of sport and in fact outdoor sport in economic terms. The partners involved in the project believe that his is a significant gap in the evidence base and needs to be better understood to support investment in health enhancing physical activity (HEPA) in the outdoors.

This unique project brings together a very wide range of partners from academics in universities, central and regional government policy makers, federations of outdoor sport and also grass roots outdoor sports providers.

The project is being delivered through a very clear 4 stage sequential and logical approach which is focused on research, methodology development, testing and then dissemination.

The partners are all extremely committed to this project and are all enthusiastic about engaging people more with our great natural environments in Europe so that benefits can be clearly gained but also measured.

The beneficiaries from this project will be the leaders and participants in the outdoor sports projects that are involved in the testing but also significantly local authorities, national agencies, national and international federations, citizens and communities and the European Commission.

Thinking | Doing | Managing | Valuing | Evaluating | Advising


This project has been facilitated by the European Network of Outdoor Sports which brings added value as there is existing commitment and very strong partnership working in place. This network will also be very valuable to support a widespread dissemination of the knowledge gained and the results provided.