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Work package 2 of the project is led by the staff from the Sports Industry Research Centre (SIRC) at Sheffield Hallam University.

This second stage of the project is to use the information on the studies provided to begin to model what the economic value of the social benefits associated with outdoor sports are. This can only be started once stage 1 (the review of literature) is completed and will very much depend on the quality of the studies that exist.

Similar work has been done by SIRC at a national level in the UK for sport and culture but this has not been done before at a European level.

This is a fairly technical piece of work involving key economist at SIRC but follows 4 key principles below:

Thinking | Doing | Managing | Valuing | Evaluating | Advising


1. Proportionality

The model needs to be developed that it is appropriate for a range of key stakeholders.

2. Comparability

The model needs to produce outputs based on standardised terms of reference and set principles .

3. Standardisation

The model needs to ensure that tools are created for individual organisations to evaluate outcomes in an agreed manner.

4. Ease of use

The aim is to provide a framework that reduces the complexity of measuring the social benefits of outdoor sports projects.