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Work package 1 of the project is led by the staff from the Technical University in Munich (TUM) but will involve all partners.

This first stage of the project is to carry out a review of the existing literature and research that has been undertaken in the last 10 years into the social benefits that are associated with outdoor sports. Anecdotally the partners are aware of social benefits associated with outdoor sports being:

• Physical and mental health and well being

• Education and life-long learning
– Knowledge and understanding of self
– Knowledge and understanding of other people’s needs
– Knowledge and understanding of the natural environment and our
dependency on it

• Active Citizenship
– Social inclusion with a focus on gender equality, disability inclusion and in line
with the current EU issue of immigration – inclusion of migrants.
– Increasing of Volunteering
– Improved community cohesion

• Reduction of crime and anti-social behaviour

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This first stage of the project will search for appropriate studies not only across the partner countries but also more widely throughout Europe and internationally. It will then highlight the main studies that have demonstrated clear values of social benefits associated with outdoor sport.However, through this process a database will be established of the studies that showcase the social benefits of outdoor sport. This will be a useful output from the project in and of itself.