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Work package 4 of the project is jointly led by the staff from The European Outdoor Group (EOG) and Sport Northern Ireland (SNI).

This fourth stage of the project is to ensure that the information on the project and the method developed is disseminated widely not just through the partners but right across all EU member states.
This will be done by producing an interactive website and then a series of publications and e—newsletters for sharing the knowledge and information developed. Again the advantage that the European Network of Outdoor Sports brings is that there is already a very wide network of both organisations (members) and individuals (subscribers) who are connected with ENOS.
The dissemination will be targeted to four key sectors as follows:

  • The political sector: this will include the European Commission and both central and regional authorities that have a remit for the development of sport and/or social integrations/development.
  • The National sports sectors including European and National federations as well as voluntary clubs and grass roots providers of outdoor sports.
  • The Scientific/Academic sector through publication of findings in academic journals and also through sharing a networking conferences and events
  • Industry and commercial sector which can be easily done through the EOG who bring together the main manufacturers and the outdoor industry

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This project has been facilitated by the European Network of Outdoor Sports which brings added value as there is existing commitment and very strong partnership working in place. This network will also be very valuable to support a widespread dissemination of the knowledge gained and the results provided.