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Work package 3 of the project is jointly led by the staff from the Union des Centres de Plein Air (UCPA) and the National Sports Academy in Sofia (NSA).

This third stage of the project is to test the veracity and practical usability of the model that has been developed.

This will be done by engaging with existing outdoor sports projects that already seek to build social capital or develop social change in individuals or communities through the use of outdoor sports. One of the advantages that this project has is that it is being done through the European network of Outdoor Sports who have run 3 editions of the Nature and Sport Euro’meet conferences. These events have showcased great projects from across Europe that already have been working on the social and/or economic benefits of outdoor sports.

However, UCPA and NSA will also put out a call via the ENOS website for further projects to be nominated to test out the methodology that has been developed. A selection process will be created and the 12 most appropriate projects will then be selected from the applicants.

The project leaders from those selected projects will be provided with in-depth training on the use of the model and also expert support in the delivery of it in their project.

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This project has been facilitated by the European Network of Outdoor Sports which brings added value as there is existing commitment and very strong partnership working in place. This network will also be very valuable to support a widespread dissemination of the knowledge gained and the results provided.