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Resources available below

Click here or on the picture below to view an interactive summary of the BOSS project


A table of all the studies that showcase the benefits of outdoor sports can be downloaded at this link

BOSS Table of all studies

You can download the reports on the key findings from work package 1 at these links

BOSS Stage 1 Summary Report

BOSS Stage1 Medium Report

BOSS Stage1 Full Report

BOSS Stage 2 Report

BOSS Stage 3 Report

BOSS WP4 Report

 You can download the infographic on the key findings from work package 1 at this link 

BOSS IFG2 Key findings from WP1

You can also download a list of the main benefits identified through work package 1 at this link

BOSS IFG3 Benefits identified from WP1

You can also access an infographic on each of the case studies:

CSIG 1 Battleback

CSIG 2 Cheval et Diversite

CSIG 3 Play and Train

CSIG 4 National Sports Academy

CSIG 5 Step by step

CSIG 6 Nautical in Schools

CSIG 7 Crossing the Alps

CSIG 8 Breeze cycling

CSIG 9 Row the Erne

CSIG 10 Parkwalk

CSIG 11 Summer and Winter camps